As a New Years resolution I decided to get a novel fully ready and finished for potential publishing, however I am always getting a million and one ideas, or bein given a trillion more by other people.

So to combat this monkey brain of creativity I have started a series of posts known as "drabbles." A drabble, for thos unfamiliar with writing styles, consists of a single scene, or single moment in time, which also progresses without time-skips which is between 50 to 500 words. Sometimes they have a theme, sometimes they are simply like a photograph or painting, freezing a particular thought or image for all the eternity of the written word.

According to readers, these are best read right in the morning before you start your day, but really, they are good for any moment you need a pick up and who doesn't in this busy, busy world?

Be Curious

Be Destiny

The Clouds

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